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Roane State Community College


276 Patton Lane Harriman, TN 37748

Successful completion of the two year Opticianry Program results in an Associate in Applied Science degree. Opticians are licensed professionals who design and fit prescription eyeglasses, contact lens and other specialized optical devices. The patient brings the optician a prescription from their doctor and the optician determines the best way to fill that prescription based on the individual’s specific needs. There are hundreds of different ways to fill any given prescription. There are many options such as lens materials, designs, colors, coatings, frame sizes and frame styles just to mention a few. Opticians select the best of these options for each patient based on his or her visual and fashion needs. The optician considers many patient variables; their prescription, the type of work they do, their hobbies, what sports they play and other special needs. Opticians need to make sure their patients see clearly, look attractive (we are also fashion consultants), and have properly adjusted and comfortable glasses and contact lenses that fit conveniently into their lifestyle.

A.A.S. (Associate in Applied Science) – Opticianry

Program Director: Hali Gibson